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Joe's Case

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smile gallery

"I just got two new crowns and Dr. Yi did a beautiful job. It was complicated, as they were next to each other and I have close teeth, but the final result is perfect. The office is well run and welcoming and all of the staff is very professional and highly skilled." –
Joe B.

Sara's Case

smile gallery
smile gallery

Crowded teeth affect millions of people. This patient was unhappy with their smile as well as their bite. After just 6 months with Invisalign, their bite and smile was beautiful.

Emily's Case

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smile gallery

This patient had 8 amalgam (liquid mercury and metal alloy) fillings in their back teeth. In just one day, all of these were safely replaced with modern, composite fillings.

Invisalign - Straighter Teeth

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smile gallery





Dental Implants

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smile gallery

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